The Dovetail Group, Inc.


In many ways, each of Dovetail Group’s venues are all connected. The ideas & concepts are similar in both planning and execution. Every creation - whether in a recipe, event, plan, or decor - has an outcome that is part of the dovetail. At all times, each one is connected to each other, to us.



• Elevated Service • Quality Product • Great Value •

For many of us, the restaurant is our home. We welcome you into our living room, ask for you to enjoy our food, and insist you let us know when there is something you need. We promise to serve our guests the highest quality product, at reasonable prices, with the friendliest staff.


Each one of our concepts are meant to be part of the neighborhood. We build and develop each venue to be a part of the fabric of its surroundings. Much like Chicago, we pride ourselves on diversity, and in turn, want to build the neighborhood around us by adding our own personality to the community.








Dovetail will always have a passion for improvement. Being able to adapt over time and staying on top of trends and seasonal items will constantly be on our minds. Training and personal improvement will be our driver. That combination is what we believe to be the recipe to our personal success. At the end of the day, the people we hire and work alongside will be the reason for our expansion. We are in the business of people, and that can’t be forgotten.



The Dovetail Group as a management company has the ability to help grow revenue for restaurant and bar businesses by utilizing our operating systems, financial tools, and infrastructure. Whether through joint projects or contracts, we work with partners to get to their next level of success and beyond.
Starting a restaurant or bar can also be a tough process. Our passion for this industry and our experiences have instilled in us the ability to help get businesses started and operating efficiently. From planning, through construction and openings, we have the tools to create successful startups.



Attending Indiana University to obtain his degree in music, TJ never expected to be in the restaurant industry. However, Callanta was introduced to the hospitality industry at a young age. Growing up, his father owned and operated his own restaurant in Wicker Park. His decades of experience range from performing as a food and beverage manager at the Sofitel Hotel, opening a 15,000 square foot restaurant & club in River North, working as General Manager for a multi-unit high volume restaurant for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (Summer House Santa Monica & Stella Barra Pizzeria), and directing operations for Element Collective. Houndstooth Saloon was his first solo venture.



Izenstark, alumnus of Southern Illinois University, is the President of Simple Home Renovations, Ltd. where he provides renovations and/or remodeling services on residential and commercial properties for all types of projects. His business and experience covers four states as he works on building his residential and commercial portfolio. Mitch’s experience is vast as a general contractor as he even sources and imports finishes and supplies to the US from all over the world. He develops and manages all of Dovetail Group’s properties.



VonPerbandt graduated from Southern Illinois University while also managing Pinch Penny Pub and the music venue Copper Dragon, which both are staples of the bar scene in Carbondale. Upon moving back home to Chicago, John maintained that profession, managing for bar groups like Bar Louie, 4 Corners, & Big Onion Tavern Group. VonPerbandt prides himself on his creative approach to hospitality. He enjoys coming up with creative ways to keep his staff motivated and innovative ways to create a memorable experience for a guest. Sometimes known as Otto, you will always see him spending his time table side getting to know our neighbors.



McGinnis, a native of Oak Park, IL, graduated from Indiana University in 2006 with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Immediately after moving back home from Bloomington, Indiana, he began his career designing for a firm in the Loop. Matt picked up a part time job working for a local bar group (4 Corners) where he discovered his passion for bars and restaurants. Working his way up the bar hierarchy, McGinnis followed his heart and decided to make hospitality his life. After a short stint managing at Old Town Social, Matt is now a managing partner.